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Public Programme

The SMB Partnership is currently developing a number of courses that will focus on strategic management issues. They will be offered as a public programme or presentations and workshops each led by one or more of the experts in The SMB Partnership. Subscribe to our newsletter for details.    

We offer bespoke courses in strategic management issues for companies and organisations that wish to offer training and development to their employees, or other stakeholders. Together with you and our experts, we can design a course that meets your exact needs. To arrange a discussion email us.   

Private Courses
Online Courses and Webinars

The SMB partnership is working with the experts in our network to develop online courses and webinar programmes focused on strategic management issues. The will be made available to the public, but can be customised for a particular business or organisation. For details email us

The SMB partnership is happy to work with other professional bodies or organisations to co-create and deliver bespoke courses to meet the needs of members or clients. These initiatives can be marketed as joint ventures, but may also be developed for you. To discuss opportunities please email us.  

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