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How to deliver impactful change one conversation at a time.


Leading by Coaching


Leadership used to be about telling people to go where you sent them - now it's about persuading them to come with you.

As the saying goes, “people will forget what you said; people will forget what you did; but people will never forget how you made them feel”. We can all remember how it feels to work for a bad boss. You will recall how difficult you found it to motivate yourself. You will know that you held back making that extra discretionary effort for a boss who didn’t care about you. Like many people, you might even have left your job, so you could leave your boss.


If you have been lucky enough to be engaged and inspired by an emotionally intelligent leader you will know how energised she/he made you feel. You will know how it felt to be listened to and coached so you could develop and grow. A leader who you wanted to work for, to contribute your best even when it meant long hours and difficult assignments. Are you that leader or are you a boss?


Our Leading by Coaching book and coach training will help you see yourself as others see you and grow into the leader you want to be and can be. We will show you how to “Look In” to develop greater self-awareness, “Look Out” to others by utilising a coaching approach and “Look Beyond” to face uncertainty, manage adaptability and acquire resilience.

Our pragmatic, practical and business savvy Leading by Coaching faculty coaches will show you how to have purposeful conversations that power impactful change. We will help you develop your signature coach presence. The inner leadership confidence to provoke people’s thinking to enable them to see opportunity in adversity and create new paths, one conversation at a time.

The Leading by Coaching book has been inspired and grown out of many conversations and sources. This diverse collection of voices has resulted in a unique richness. The book aims to capture this eclectic collection of human experiences – a deep ocean of insights – into something meaningful and purposeful for you the reader. And our programmes give you the chance to put the Leading by Coaching principles into practice.

Leading by Coaching wants to disrupt the way you think about leadership and provide you with a framework and skills to have powerful, meaningful and impactful conversations that leave employees feeling valued, confident, inspired and motivated. You will see half-hearted compliance replaced with strong commitment, and poor performance replaced by high levels of productivity.


Leading by Coaching transforms managers into high impact leaders capable of engaging employees in pursuit of high levels of personal achievement and greater levels of productivity, leading to sustainable success for the firm. It also helps companies replace the outdated management practices and toxic corporate cultures which are responsible for low levels of employee engagement and poor productivity.


Leading by Coaching is focusing on building authentic partnerships between employers and employees, to restore trust and engagement. Fundamentally, it also recognises the important relationship between employee engagement and business outcomes such as productivity, perceived customer value and satisfaction, and profitability.


“Change happens at the speed of trust”, says Leading by Coaching founder and CEO Nick Marson. And, the process begins “one conversation at a time”, because every interaction affects how employees think, behave and perform.  


Moving beyond leading by command, control and coercion to Leading by Coaching is demanded by today’s talented employees who want to be inspired and to develop, so they can contribute more. They also want to feel trusted and respected by their leaders, and to feel they can trust and respect them back. Firms that do not recognise this will lose what has been described as “the war for talent”.     


Leading by Coaching represents a fundamental change of approach and will take time. But the good news is this; positive impacts can be realised almost immediately.


It works, see how and why and for further information see details of our Team, our Coaching Skills approach, and upcoming Events. We also invite you to attend introductory workshops or a course. You can also contact us with enquiries. Or see us at LinkedIn.


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