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Introductory programme

A  typical one-day course for leaders seeking to build high-performing teams

Leading by Coaching will disrupt the way you think about leadership and show that better conversations are key to being a better leader - capable of affecting lasting change, one conversation at a time.  Leading by Coaching will equip you to develop a coaching culture, in which team members feel valued, confident, inspired and motivated.  


  • to up-skill today’s leaders to engage, coach and develop team members

  • to embed a coaching culture

  • to create tomorrow’s leaders.


  • better listening

  • better questioning

  • better conversations.


  • inspired more motivated, productive and innovative team members

  • tools to overcome people’s natural resistance to change, to help them change

  • development of your signature coaching style.


  • hands-on learning by doing and practising

  • peer group triad working and faculty feedback

  • video review.


  • reflect on difficult conversations you have been avoiding.


Course outline:


  • How to have better more collaborative conversations


  • What has the brain got to do with it?


  • The neuro chemistry of positive conversations


  • Building TRUST by demonstrating authenticity and sincere intentions


  • Practise conversation: helping the human in the room


  • SAFE change


  • Practise conversation: talking about the elephant in the room


  • THINK DO coaching system.


  • The power of the pause - the secrets of silence


  • Practise conversation: saying what can’t be said


  • Listening, questioning, clarifying


  • How to keep a reflective diary

Post-programme reinforcement of learning:

  • Reflective diary

  • 12 months telephone support

  • Optional half-day skills refresher

Three Day Programme - advanced learning

Your development starts with you.

The Leading by Coaching high potential leadership programme will give you a unique chance to look in your mirror and see yourself as others see you. As a person, as a leader and as a coach.

It will give you a unique opportunity to help others to discover and use their authentic voice. To be the change they seek.

The Leading by Coaching Faculty will help you develop your signature leader presence. To go beyond what is stopping you being the leader you want to be, impacting change one conversation at a time.

The Story of the Programme. This programme has been developed from years of practical experience with teams and individuals that Nick has worked with over the past 20 years. It incorporates all the material that clients have found useful and long lasting to their personal development.

  • Introduction

  • Pre-Programme Preparation

  • Day One

  • Day Two

  • Day Three

  • Post Programme Reflection

  • One to one coaching support

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