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Get ready to learn how to deliver impactful change, one conversation at a time.

Coaching others to use coaching skills is our business

Am I ready for challenging conversations in my business?
We are qualified and experienced coaches who believe in the power of coaching conversations to make you a more effective leader, better able to inspire others and to transform your organisation. We understand the importance of using your conscious mind to focus and pay attention to what is truly important. We provoke you to think differently!
We offer small groups of senior executives and leaders a well developed and flexibly structured coaching experience.  Our programmes are built according to the needs of your people and organisation. The programme includes development of coaching skills through to later supervision for those coaches, and training for managers in using coaching techniques in their day to day roles. 

Nick and the team are practical people.  Our collective experiences in business life have led us to believe that productive relationships are the outcome of really knowing ourselves and others through asking questions that cause us to reflect on issues and produce new insights, that produce change.

Finding time to do this in everyday business is often an issue, and finding the courage and determination to do it consistently, even more so. Our programmes look to build new highly effective habits, starting with providing clarity around "thinking about thinking" together with practicing the skills of listening.


Our approach is to help our clients by providing new or updating existing knowledge and application of coaching and behaviour skills for the workplace.We believe that listening is the key to conversations and self-directed learning follows from the quality of questions leaders ask of themselves and others.


We like to spend more time with clients helping them to practice these skills, but also help them to understand why they work.


Here is little bit about our backgrounds


Nick Marson is an ICF certified Advanced Level Gestalt business coach. He has a deep understanding of how we communicate when we are at our natural best. He coaches CEOs to find their authentic voice to inspire stakeholders and enhance organisational reputation. Nick knows how you can facilitate change through the science and art of effective conversations. 

Derek Benton is a Neuroleadership Institute certified results coach. He has a great understanding of our brain at work. He can help you answer the question, why is it that we know we need to change but we don’t change? Derek is a passionate believer in coaching as an effective way of supporting self-directed learning.

Neil May is an Association for Coaching Qualified Coach. He is a change specialist who coached the Board of a major Professional Services firm during a transatlantic merger. He has a deep understanding of the importance of culture in change at an organisational and national level.

To discuss how we might meet your coaching needs email us to arrange an initial consultation (free of charge ).

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