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Now you can learn how to deliver impactful change, one conversation at a time. 

Leading by Coaching - the core principles that make it work


If Leadership used to be about telling people to go where you sent them -  and now it's about persuading them to come with you, how do I do that?

The Leading by Coaching system is your comprehensive guide to developing tomorrow’s leaders, one conversation at a time. Our holistic approach provides a deep understanding of the scientific principles behind Leading by Coaching. Multiple social science disciplines and the latest cognitive, neurological and psychological research answers that age old puzzling question, why is it that people know they need to change but don’t change?

Leading by Coaching works because it gives you a simple framework – a theory of everything – that allows people to work through their natural resistance to change. The leading by coaching system galvanises the power of silence to facilitate change. Silence is a powerful tool used by the leader coach for the creation of a window of self-discovery and allows individuals the space to think about their thinking and move on.

Join us to unlock the secrets of silence and become the impactful leader you always wanted to be, leading by coaching one conversation at a time.


The Leading by Coaching team led by Nick Marson demonstrate that the quality of conversation is the key to impactful change. 

To have quality conversations Leaders are required to understand the core principles:

Look in -  to develop greater self-awareness.

Look out - to gain a better understanding of others by utilising an enhanced coaching approach.

Look beyond - to firmly face uncertainty, manage adaptability and acquire resilience.

Nick's approach is based on deeply researched principles, multiple social science disciplines, the latest cognitive, neurological and psychological research, and from interviews with over 20 CEO's and senior executives together with practical experience over many years as a coach to business leaders.

Leaders can learn to drive impactful change by understanding how to hold the coaching conversations that provide powerful insights in others and empower them to act.

We offer services to enhance Leadership Skills, develop Organisational Capabilities, by supporting you and your teams as Coaches, Advisors, and through Coaching and Facilitation Training.

We have specific products whereby Nick and the team would coach individuals through a programme of mutually defined goals, and provide training to small group workshops using the Leading by Coaching design.

See our Coaching skills offered.

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