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Our programmes

1. Half-Day Introductory Open Workshop

Leading by Coaching – becoming the leader you want to be and can be.

Leading by Coaching offers you a half-day open workshop to help you be a more effective leader in an increasingly disruptive world by having better, more brain friendly coaching conversations.

You will develop your leadership style and coaching skills by practising conversations in a range of challenging situations. You will be able to reflect and get feedback on your performances as you go along. You will also be able to benefit from a video review of your interventions.

You will be able to apply your enhanced coaching conversation skills in many business situations immediately in your workplace.

Why not join us on our half-day introductory workshop?


2. One Day Internal Workshop (with a half-day follow up)

Leading by Coaching – making change happen one conversation at a time.

Based on the structured content of the open workshop, we will personalise the workshop content to suit your organisational needs and culture. Please contact us to discuss.

3. Three Day Open Workshop

Leading by Coaching - are you ready to lead in the new age of disruption?

This three-day practical, skills-based workshop will open your eyes and disrupt your thinking. You will get fresh insights into how you can become a more effective leader of change.

You will develop your signature leadership style and presence based on who you are; who you are as a coach, and who you are as a leader.

You will be more trusted as a leader and more effective impacting change one conversation at a time.

The workshop will challenge you to get to your next leadership level.

You will have the improved awareness, knowledge and skills to have better conversations that lead to better outcomes for:

  • you;

  • the people you lead;

  • and the organisation you serve.

The power of our approach is in its simplicity and, therefore, in its practical application.

You receive immediately transferable behaviours and skills that will help you to engage better and have more influence.

You will be more confident to have those difficult conversations you have been putting off and more comfortable when you do have them.



4. Individual Coaching

One to one – insights and motivation to lead in the new age of disruption

We offer “one to one” executive, business focused coaching.

As experienced coaches with extensive business and cross-sector leadership experience we facilitate your self-directed learning to support your aims and ambitions through our tried and tested methods that build on strengthening your thinking, reflection and commitment to action.

We recommend six monthly two hourly sessions. We are flexible in both time and timeframes for delivery of coaching and can deliver in person and over the phone to suit your diary and commitments in your busy working life. We provide follow up support to help you continue developing.

5. Team Coaching

Team working and dynamics – understanding that produces action for greater systemic impact and business effectiveness.   

We will explore the dynamics and aims of the team within the system (that is the organisation and wider environment). With a bespoke focus on the team, systemic team coaching builds on aspects of the coaching approach to demystify the complex behaviours that will produce more effective and productive working.

All our programmes are informed by academic research, leader interviews and business case studies undertaken by Nick for his new book Leading by Coaching. The insights gained from the above are in addition to our extensive practical experience as business leaders, managers and consultants.

The programme would be driven entirely by your needs as a leader in an organisational context.


6. Further support

We are always excited to work proactively with you to provide material on the topics in which we train for your internal publications. We can also align your comms, engagement and learning & development strategies for a fee.

Nick Marson’s new book Leading by Coaching can be purchased in bulk at a special group price. Ask us for a coupon code.

We would love to talk to you about your leadership aspirations.



2019 Leading by Coaching™

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