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Make impactful change happen - one conversation at a time

The Leading by Coaching offer

Our services


We offer transformative leadership programmes based on the core principles of leading by coaching in Nick’s new book of the same name. Our approach is holistic, systemic, and based on the latest neuroscience and psychoeducation research findings.


We work with you to develop programmes for both individuals and teams with the objective of driving greater business impact and delivering change. Our programmes are based on the needs of you as the client, and are structured on proven coaching methods which build on your people’s existing strengths.  With you, our team of experienced business coaches will help enhance Leadership Skills and your Organisational Capabilities through support to your team members in becoming effective Coaches, Trainers, Facilitators and Advisers; the skills that are required to lead a diverse workforce in a modern economy.


Our products


We provide leadership development programmes for senior leaders who want to be more effective in leading impactful change. We coach individually and provide training in coaching skills through small group workshops.

We facilitate events and advise you on implementing programmes with a view to the likely impact on organisational change.

When presented in-house, all of our products are delivered on a bespoke basis.


Our team


Coaches, Trainers and Facilitators


We are qualified and experienced coaches who believe that good quality and powerful conversations deliver better business outcomes and happier employees. We believe that leaders who are better listeners are better equipped to inspire others to find better solutions to the ever more complex problems organisations face in an increasingly volatile and uncertain world.


We know the importance of understanding the brain and mind working in parallel, the need for leaders to create the space for people to “think about their thinking”, to focus and pay attention to what is truly important. We will provoke you to think differently!


Nick Marson is an ICF Advanced Level trained executive coach. He believes in the power of Gestalt coaching methods to provide the personal insights that allow people to feel more, see more and be more.


He has a deep understanding of how we communicate when we are at our natural best. He coaches CEOs to find their authentic voice and signature leader presence to inspire stakeholders and enhance organisational reputation. Nick knows how you can facilitate change more powerfully through the science and art of effective conversations.


Derek Benton is a Neuroleadership Institute certified results coach. He has a deep understanding of our brain at work. He can help you answer the question, why is it that we know we need to change but we don’t change? Derek is a passionate believer in coaching as an effective way of supporting self-directed learning.


Julie Flower is an ILM Level 7 executive coach with an interest in how leaders create transformation within complex human systems. Julie has coached within the public, private and voluntary sectors to achieve change and develop leadership skills in rapidly changing environments. She is currently studying for an MSc at Henley Business School in Coaching and Behaviour Change, bringing a strong grounding in psychology and neuroscience to her work.


Peter Large holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Coaching and Behavioural Change from Henley Business School and is a Certified Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  Peter’s principal interest in coaching is in respect to behaviours, relationships and leadership skills within governance structures.


As Trainers


With our wealth of experience, we provide training in the workplace that improves your leadership communication and coaching skills. These enhanced skills improve your ability to develop people and businesses. Our strength lies in our ability to help you learn in the optimum way and apply your learning immediately in your workplace.

Nick holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and training from the University of Wales and has taught inter-cultural communication at the University of Munich Business School. He led a major research project for CASS Business School into the link between leadership and innovation.

Derek has a broad range of operational executive experience with a leading FTSE 100 company and has trained business development skills in the UK and internationally.

Julie has extensive experience of delivering training programmes, including complex problem-solving as part of Civil Service learning, Leading for Innovation in the social care sector and Strategic Thinking in the higher education sector. She also teaches systems thinking as a visiting lecturer at Brighton Business School, where she gained her MBA.

Peter holds an MBA from Henley Business School.  He has over twenty years of board-level experience in a global organisation in the professional services sector and has led multi-disciplinary teams.

As Facilitators


Our team can all help you facilitate critical events to ensure you have productive outcomes that are implemented enthusiastically.

We all have long experience in facilitating conferences, off-sites, panel discussions, and all types of business meetings to enable you to capture a diverse range of views and insights to drive change.


As Speakers

At your corporate events we seek to challenge your thinking and provide thought provoking insights. To literally think about your thinking.

As Advisers

We partner you in implementing the techniques provided in our leadership training and development programmes. You benefit from having experienced independent members in your team to act as a sounding board to challenge and develop your thinking.

Whatever the challenges you are facing – managing growth or decline, strategic repositioning, or post-merger integration – we can help you generate better, more insightful conversations that go to the root of the individuals’ identity, self-interest and motivations.

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