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Companies and organisations are increasingly forced to continuously innovate and change with speed if they are to remain relevant and competitive. In this context executives and managers in all functions must understand the impact on them, their role and their career progression.

Executives must also understand the need to continuously develop their own capabilities if they are to remain valuable and effective within the organisation. In this way redundancy can be avoided and careers can be advanced.

Keeping up with the pace of change is not easy. The cost and time commitment associated with executive training can be prohibitive.

The network of advisers in The SMB Partnership manages includes coaches, mentors and workshop and seminar facilitators. We also run events and networking opportunities to provide facilitated peer-to-peer support with input from advisors.

Management books and business school courses tend to have a strong bias towards the strategic management of large corporations and the impact of external factors on the situation a business finds itself in: competitive forces and political, economic, social, technical, environmental and legal considerations.

Whilst external factors are very important, the internal situation is equally important, but gets much less attention.  The stage of development of the company or organisation, and the type of ownership it has, are also particularly important influences on the strategic management options available, and the choices that are likely to be acceptable. They will influence the capabilities, appetite for risk, ability to make long-term decisions and financing options available.

The SMB Partnership network of advisers understand how important all these factors are. They consider both to carefully determine the situation any client is in, to ensure the advice offered is relevant and actionable.

Strategic Management is about more than just high-level strategy. It is about managing every function in a business or organisation strategically: thinking, planning and implementation, in a conntinuous iterative process. The aim is to create value in a sustainable way and, in a way that fulfils a defined puspose and stated objectives.

By helping ensure that all functions are managed strategically, The SMB Partnerships seeks to ensure all are valuable contributors to the organisation as a whole, and that 'the whole is greater than the sum of the parts'. By being managed strategically, every function can contribute to the common purpose and goals of the company or organisation in the most effective way possible.

In practice, evidence suggests, there are few organisations in which all function are managed strategically. Functional silos are often an obstacle to the effective synchronisation. The SMB Partnership can help solve this problem.

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