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We are currently developing our multi-media resource centre, in sync with our own development strategy. It will be designed to support the case for strategic management focused on value creation, which we call Valueism. And, it will be designed to assist advisors and practitioners of strategic management.


Management theory, methods and tools will be included, but only those that we believe to be relevant today. Several management theories that are still widely taught and accepted are, in our view, outdated.


We believe that to be useful and relevant the advice offered must have full regard for the situation a firm or organisation is in. Situations that are often related to the stage it is at in the typical business lifecycle, and the right response options are also almost always associated with the stage the firm or organisation is at.

At the very least the situations associated with the classic stages of development offer a starting point for analysis of a situation. This thinking has helped us structure the way in which we present resources, to make them accessible in a most useful way.

Access a Resource Centre

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