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Lieve Van den Broeck

The world of law and justice evolves constantly. That is undisputed. Lieve just wants to ensure legal professionals change too, by changing their thinking first.


She believes in coaching by confrontation. Voicing the unsaid makes legal professionals think, feel and thus act differently. Their lives change for the better and because they hold a key position in life, so does society.


In 1996 she started working as an attorney in a top 10 Law Firm in Belgium. In 2001 she joined a multinational as an in-house counsel. That’s where Lieve transformed herself into a leader in law. Not because she was itching for it, but because a burn-out was no option.


The daily torture of pressure from business, numbers, laws, bosses, ethics, colleagues, competitors, society, media, politics, family, friends. And the collateral pressure put on those at the bitter end of the support chain, the outside counsel, concerned her.


In 2009 she decided to make that pressure her business. Lieve supports legal professionals in becoming better leaders in law.


While still getting her hands dirty as a legal interim manager, she navigates a triadic relationship “business-inhouse-outside” in different business contexts and shares that learning with clients in a coaching context: how to become a preferred business partner by marshalling energy. 


Lieve holds a coaching certificate from Coaching & Co based upon neuro-linguistic programming (NLP). As a coach, she focuses on law firms and the Belgian Judicial Training Institute (magistrates and court staff).


Dutch is her mother tongue. French, English and German still have secrets for her.

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