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Derek Benton

Derek's purpose in coaching springs from an innate curiosity in people, and a desire to assist individuals through positive motivation to take their aspirational thoughts into action.


He has enjoyed a 30-year career with businesses serving the legal service markets, both in the UK and overseas. As an experienced sales and marketing professional and former corporate executive, he has deep operational expertise in managing people, strategic planning, and implementing business plans in a commercial environment.


Derek's focus in coaching is to support individuals in building a pragmatic approach to their personal development and the enrichment of their working life. Fundamental to his approach is to help clients “think about thinking” as a gateway to more effective self-management.


He has trained under the Results Coaching System™, from the NeuroLeadership Institute, taking in the latest developments from neuroscience in understanding thinking, and applied this in practice by helping self-directed change. And through positive encouragement to find solutions to the achievement of your goals.


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