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Public Programme

The SMB Partnership organises a number of events each year. They explore strategic management issues from a number of perspectives to provide new and deeper insights that executives will find helpful in addressing problems and developing opportunities. Subscribe for details of future events. 

We can help companies and organisations with design, development and delivery of their own events, from developing content to finding the right speakers, moderators, workshop facilitators etc. Let us help you with your next event. To find out how we can help, email us.  

Your Events

We collaborate with other organisations to co-develop and deliver events that are relevant and valuable to the community they serve. We are able to design and develop content, source expert speakers, market the events and disseminate any outputs. If you are interested in collaboration email us.   

Our network of partners, each experts in their field, represent a pool of speakers that are thought leaders. Some are well known and established on the speaker circuits. Many, including former CEOs, are not on any speaker circuit. To find out more email us

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