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Find An Expert

Our Faculty of Independent Strategic Management Experts offers the expertise you need when you need it. As businesses and organisations become increasingly complex and global they often need to supplement their in-house resources, which either get tested to the limit or prove to be inadequate. Large organisations may pay the price for big consulting firms, which few businesses can afford. But even those able to afford them increasingly choose independent specialists as their preferred option. 


Organisations are also recognising when it comes to advice the size of the firm offering it and their price are no proxy for quality. They also realise advice can be sought in many forms, not just expensive consulting projects. The challenge is identifying the right specialists and finding them available when they are needed. We solve this problem with a global network of experts and our matchmaking service. We can suggest individuals or help assemble teams.


Our experts offer advice as consultants, and in the form of many other products and services

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