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We review strategic management related books and interview their authors. Some will have been written by the experts who are partners in The SMB Partnership.

We also have agreements with many major publishers and can offer generous discounts to our readers. See books.



Partners in The SMB Partnership will regularly submit new thought leadership articles, and we will offer an edited selection of articles from other sources. Details of each new article will be posted in the news section, with links. Many will be free. There may be a small cost for others. See articles 

The SMB Partnership is currently establishing a library of videos on strategic management related issues. The details of each video we add will be posted in the news section of this site. They will include interviews with many of the partners in The SMB Partnership network and interviews with our CEO. See video

All the new, articles and other items posted on this website can be commented upon. But, the main forum for discussion will be the Strategic Management Forum Group on Linkedin, a community of over 23,000 people that was established by our Founder and CEO.  Here is a link to join the Linkedin community.

Details of reports and whitepapers with a focus on strategic management issues will be will be posted in the news section of this site. Many will be available free of charge. Others will be charged for. We welcome submissions, but reserve the right not to publish all of them. See reports and Whitepapers. 


Reports & White Papers

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