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It is well known that today we live in an era where continuous professional development is not an option. Strategic management advisers probably know this better than anyone and must accept their own advice.


We know from experience many have good intentions: to write a book, improve their speaking skills, learn new tools and approaches etc. But, we also know that most benefit from help in achieving these goals.


We can help you produce a book proposal, find a publisher, organise a book launch, get speaking opportunities, get access to journalists, get introductions to prospective clients, develop and deliver workshops, produce a webinar, create a training programme - and promote all of these, and other, products and services. We have been providing such services to advisors, authors and speakers from various countries for some time now.


Keeping up to date and staying relevant is essential. The big consulting firms have dedicated teams to help their consultants achieve this. Independent advisors and smaller agencies lack such a resource. FOISME helps solve that problem. We offer resources and faculty learning events. We also encourage and facilitate knowledge sharing among the faculty - that is why we call ourselves a faculty.


FOISME also has access to a network of service providers to meet needs such as ghost-writing, editing, and proof-reading, or speaker coaching and case study writing.


Manage Your Personal Development

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