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As noted in the introduction, it is hard for individual experts and small specialist agencies to stand out in a crowded market that has no generally recognised standards of practice. That makes strengthening your profile essential if you wish to grow your business.


Membership of FOISME will provide you with most of the help you need to balance all the activities that will give you greater visibility and a stronger position. It will do so in a planned way, and provide you with the support of a dedicated assistant.


Independent experts regularly complain of either being too busy to manage or of having no work at all. This is often referred to as "feast or famine"; the volatility of the consulting business. Getting the right balance of activities and a steady flow of work is a major challenge. And, as any marketer will tell you, a continuous level of marketing and promotional activity is more effective than stop-start-stop-start activity.   


Our platform will provide continuous marketing and promotional opportunities using our own communications channels, and those of our partners. Our own channels include the Strategic Management Forum and Business Hard Talk, including the events offered by both.


We will help you develop and promote a regular stream of thought leadership to enhance your profile, and promote it with impact to attract more valuable clients. We can also help you get published, find speaking opportunities, run workshops, and establish new revenue streams. We will involve you in our own events, and events we run for others. These are ways to grow your business and your profile.


Strengthen Your Profile And Grow Your Business

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