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Standing Out In A Crowded Market


The market for consulting services is dominated by a few large agencies who are said to share half of its value. The other half is shared among a large and highly fragmented number of individuals and smaller agencies. And anyone can call themselves a consultant or advisor. There are no widely recognised standards by wich the good practitioners can differentiate themselves from the not so good and the bad.


So, as a smaller specialist agency or independent expert, how do you stand out from the crowd? What about joining a faculty whose members must qualify for Fellowship of the Strategic Management Forum, the minimum requirement being at least 10 years of senior level experience, plus the need to pass a selection process designed to offer some quality assurance.           


Take the Advantages & Mitigate the Disadvantages


Being an independent expert or small specialist agency has its advantages and disadvantages. Being a member of FOISME will help you capitalise on the advantages and overcome many of the disadvantages. You will be able to: 



Being the Best You Can Be


The most successful experts are able to produce a continuous stream of thought leadership for publication as articles and books, get regular speaking opportunities, find time to grow their own knowledge and capabilities, manage the running of their business, manage their marketing and publicity, and still have enough chargeable time to profitably serve their clients. Some are also visiting professors, have non-executive director roles, and pro-bono roles with charitable organisations.


Few manage to do all of this themselves, and the best certainly don't. If you think you can do all this yourself you are a very rare exception, and you won't want out help. But, we are sure we can add value to more than 99 in ever 100 independent experts or small advisory agencies.  


To arrange an initial conversation please complete the pre-assessment form. We can then determine if we are right for you and you for us, and how we can best serve you. 


Membership benefits

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